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Jumping jumpsuit

Jumpsuits in the fall is exactly what everyone needs in their closets. This suede maroon jumper is all the rage this season!

Hey boo hey, welcome back for another post. I don't want to waste anytime, when I say this maroon jumpsuit from #Forever21 has me feeling myself. I am feeling like a million bucks, the richness in color and the material has sent me head over heels in love. #Forever21 did not let me down with this jumper, it is definitely a great statement piece to add to your closet this season. The white piping going down the sides of the pants adds just enough detail this piece. The wonderful thing about this is that you can mix and match the tops. I opted for a turtleneck. I find it so funny that I use to dread turtlenecks. I absolutely hated wearing them as a child but now I just can't get enough. The turtleneck look is just so classic to me. In my opinion it is a MUST HAVE this season. They pair well with just about anything in your closet and it makes perfect for any layering action going on these fall and winter months.

“A turtleneck is about sophistication” -Dwayne Wade

I will admit that I was pretty tickled when I thought to Google quotes about turtlenecks and I came across a quote from Dwayne Wade. But I can't lie, it pretty much summed up everything I was feeling in exactly five characters. Who doesn't love a good turtleneck? I found this white turtleneck from #Target now that I have this one I'm ready to go back to snag the remanding colors. #Target line A New Day has some pretty amazing pieces and I encourage everyone to check them out!

There were so many things about this outfit that I adored. The jumper, the bag, shoes, everything just came together so nicely. This satchel was everything I could ask for and more. I have a monthly subscription for #JustFab I used my credits I had on the website, snagged not only this bag but some thigh high boots for only $3. I know, I know, crazy right! What I love most about this bag is the luxurious feel and look. I am all for buying inexpensive things that look luxurious. It's so funny to me that #JustFab named the bag just that, "Look Luxurious Satchel" this satchel comes in two other colors. Taupe which is close to a camel color and green. I opted for the black because I was in need of a new black everyday bag.

I found these shoes a little while back, two years to be exact. Funny story is that I was in the middle of training when I first started my job. I was suppose to be just browsing on my #NordstromRack app on my phone (BTW shopping apps get me in so much trouble lol) when I came across these babies. These lace up boots are made by #MIA and they were on sale, I know what you're thinking,Carrie you do not need to buy every sale item. Yeah, you're absolutely right! But in my defense these shoes were EVERYTHING !!!!! So much so I needed five exclamation points. What I had loved so much about these shoes were the fact I didn't have anything like it in my closet and during that time I was in love with any that was ox blood colored.

This jumper is a must have there are so many things you can do with it in your closet. Dressed up or down you will definitely be styling and profiling.Let me know, are you guys feeling this look as much as I am? What would you pair these overalls with?

Signing out with lots of love per usual,

XoXo CarrieSierra <3


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