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I Tried a Makeup Remover Towel...Here are my thoughts on it

Hey loves, so I wanted to share with you all a quick review on this Lemon Lavender makeup towel I recently purchased from Old Time Pottery. Now I have always heard about these makeup remover towels and seen them often but never felt the urge to buy. I already pretty much have my bedtime routine when removing my makeup. I typically use my Green Clean face balm, which I am in love with, and just a makeup remover wipe before cleansing. Neutrogena is my favorite go-to makeup, remover wipes. But something just made me want to try using a towel. Instead, I could potentially save a few bucks by not purchasing makeup remover wipes. The cloth was not expensive at all. It was about $5.99, much cheaper than some I have seen previously.

When it was time to remove my makeup, I read the instructions, and it just suggested wetting it with warm water. After allowing the makeup towel to sit in some hot water, I rang out the excess water and began to wipe my face. Now initially, I did not see much of a difference with one wipe, I had to clean continuously. I am unsure if I were wiping my face too hard, but my face felt a bit tender afterward.

Check out the video below to see my final thoughts....

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