Boots that are Thick Thigh Friendly

Hey Boo's, I know it has been a sweet ass minute since I wrote anything. However, I am back in full effect, a bxtch is married now, and life has found its new normalcy. I am back in my bag, doing things that bring me the most joy. I am working on getting my chakras together and vibrating at my highest level. That's a whole topic for another day. Let's get into the tea about these boots.

Now, if you are a thick thickety thick thigh girl like me, nothing is worse than seeing some boots that are to die for, and they barely fit your calve muscle. Fall is now here, and we want to indulge in boot heaven. I want to share two places to check out when it comes to shopping for wide calves.

Fashion to Figure


Now there are other bigger department stores such as Nordstroms, Macy's, or JCPenny, who may carry wider calve boots. But I choose these two places in particular because they specialize in plus size. When looking for wider calve boots, my rule is to measure your leg and compare it to the sizing chart if you are unsure. You always want to consider if you plan to wear them with jeans or any pants because that may add some additional inches to the width of your leg.

Comment down below what are some of you favorite places to shop for wide calve boots. I hope you all enjoyed.

With Love,