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Hi loves, it has been quite some time, but I am back and at it in full throttle this season. I have not come empty-handed. I have some great tea to share. We all know how the pressure is on this season as every holiday to look the part. Being a woman, especially a black woman, can be a daunting task trying to figure out what to do with our hair. When we get a new style, we think of what we will do next before taking it down. At times, we don't get much grace when it comes to our hair, and there is forever the debate of natural, perm, weaves, etc. Anyone who knows me knows that I have natural hair, but I avidly support protective styles. I have been able to sustain the length and health of my 4c hair.

Yes, I am an avid wig wearer if you are new here. It allows me the flexibility that I love, and at any moment, I can take it off and enjoy my natural hair. One particular style I have been rocking for quite some time is U-part wigs by Luvme Hair. This wig is perfect for my girls who want to try wigs but still want them to look as natural as possible and have the flexibility to remove or sew them onto their heads. Luvme Hair has various options, several styles and lengths, Brazillian wavy, loose wave, straight, etc. I opted for the Brazillian wavy in 24 inches. I thought this would be a nice touch for the holidays to add some big loose curls to my hair.

Now let's get into the details of this hair. When ordering hair, I always check for the smell when I receive it in the mail. We have all heard the horror stories and may have experienced purchasing hair, and you notice a corn chip smell. When I received my wig, it was packaged nicely. The first thing I did was smell it, although that may be weird to some but my bundle and wig wearers understand. There was no foul smell, the hair was incredibly soft, and the curls were bouncy. I did experience minor shedding out of the package. That was to be expected. After the hair was co-washed and installed, I did not experience any additional shedding. Overall I am pleased with this unit. It holds curls and can be easily maintained with Flexi rods. If you are looking to try out a new protective style, I recommend Luvme Hair. They have several options at an affordable price, with some additional sale promotions running this holiday season.


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