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Candy Land

Hey boo hey I have to tell you guys something. I know you may not have heard this before. If you did this is just confirmation. I am 100% sure that co-ord sets are a gift from God himself. Nothing beats finding a set that takes away the pressure of figuring out a complete outfit.

#Bohoo has literally become one of my absolute favorite places to shop. They have cute trendy pieces that are affordable and not to mention #Boohoo always has some type of sale going on. I was lucky enough to catch this set on sale for about $15. With my life being hugely based around convenience co-ords sets are my go to outfit. Not only does it make things easier, you can always mix and match both pieces with other things within your closet.

I am a lover of wearing black. Black will forever be classic, chic, and my go to, however, this pop of color makes this ensemble fun and flirty. What drew me to this two piece set aside from it being black was the colorful stripes and bow detail of the top. I immediately fell in love and begin to style the outfit in my head. I had plans for this set before it made it to my door. It was just SO BOMB and I know I needed it in my life! This set came in a lilac color which was just as cute but I decided to go with black because we were going into fall and I wanted to be able to mix and match my pieces accordingly. The great thing about this set is that you can always pair it with black shoes but I decided to pull out my fuchsia booties I got from #Target last season on clearance.

Any one who knows me I love me a good deal, I had been eyeing these booties for quite sometime and to my surprise they ended up going on sale. I wanted to throw pops of color to bring my outfit together with the pink booties and blue sequins bag which I scored for NOTHING. Yes, nothing, #Forever21 had this crazy buy one get one free sale!! Talk about WINNING! Added a pair of adorable sun glasses which I also scored from #Target for $3. Here's a quick little style tip, #Target has a mini section typically found in the front of the store, they have several things ranging from $1-$5, check it out they have items based on the season. You can find things from sunglasses, hats, scarfs, decor and etc. Don't be afraid to venture out when it comes to fashion, I find some of the dopest things in weird places.

I can't not let you guys miss out on this super cute set, check out #Boohoo website down below tap the photo.This co-ord set is selling out quickly. The pink booties from #Target are still on clearance for $15. What are some ways you would style these items? Are you loving co-ord sets just as much as I am? Let me know what you think, talk to you guys soon!!

With Lots of Love,

XoXo CarrieSierra <3


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