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Bishes Love Brunch

Good Food. Good Drinks. Good Friends. Good Times.

Okay, so quite some time has passed by since I last written anything on here. Well a little more than some, a whole lot of time has passed since I have spilled my inner thoughts and left them on these pages. This past weekend was nothing short of amazing. Aside from getting all dressed up to head to brunch, I was able to enjoy times with my friends and celebrate Ashley's birthday. We got to laugh and chat over bottomless #mimosas, #sangrias, and #bellinis.

Dance to the music as the beat engulfed us and for a second we forgot what adulting felt like; You know the constant pressures of life. It was in that moment where I left all of the worries about grad school, life, work, and anything else I find myself continuously worrying about behind. Apart from enjoying brunch, I was pretty satisfied with my fit for the day.

Getting dressed up and putting on makeup is somewhat therapeutic for me, and I enjoy putting on "real clothes" as I often say.

Lately, I have been buying some good finds for some excellent prices. Okay so if you don't know, I am the queen of cheap. Well not cheap in a bad way but I tend always to find the best deals. Fashion does not mean you have to break the bank. Believe it or not my shoes I had on were from Rainbow and were only nine bucks. NINE BUCKS!! I KNOW RIGHT!! Can we say WINNING! Now that I think about it my entire outfit were things that I found on clearance.

So let's get into this fit, first thing first, I am utterly obsessed with my motor cropped leather jacket. I found this at JC Penny's about a year ago for around thirty dollars. The sheer tulle at the bottom gives just enough oomph needed to take a basic fit to extravagant. Moving from my jacket to my actual outfit, my black bodysuit and track pants were from Forever21. The top and pants in total were twenty-five dollars. Let's move on to this bag. HUNNI, this bag HUNNI is EVERYTHING I COULD EVER ASK FOR IN A RED BAG. The gold detailing on it and the option to carry it as a shoulder bag is an absolute plus. This bad boy was purchased from DD's Discount for sixteen dollars. It's okay to shop at lower end places and not look like it. That's what makes fashion so much fun, mixing and matching things. There's no better feeling in the world piecing together a fit so fire, and it's frugal. I challenge you guys to search that sale section. Lemme know what you find.

Stop overthinking wear what you want

Do what you want

Demolish it

With Love,

<3 Carrie Sierra


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