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Quick tips on Solo shooting

Hey Loves, yes, I know it has been a while. Sorry for my leave of absence. I am back, and in full effect, I wanted to share with you guys some quick tips on solo shooting. Since I have been back blogging, I have been shooting myself for the most part. Solo shooting has allowed me to create content in bulk. I typically shoot each Saturday, swapping out my outfits and planning what I will create. By doing so, I have been able to stay on top of my consistency. I am showing up for you guys as well as myself, and being honest, it is a damn good feeling. 

So let's get right into it with my four must-haves when I am shooting alone. 

  1. Natural sunlight.

  2. Timed Camera

  3. Bluetooth Remote

  4. Tripod

Natural sunlight is always best when it comes to taking photos, planning to shoot content earlier in the day still works. Being near a window will allow the natural light to be radiant any picture, and you will find yourself not having to alter the brightness in any photo. If you don't have any natural light investing in some ring-light or softbox lights works just as well. 

I am a massive fan of using what we have, no need to feel the pressure of investing in expensive cameras, especially when you are just starting in the beginning. I have taken quality photos on my iPhone. I do not carry my DSLR camera everywhere I go, and when I find a perfect photo op, I pull out my cellphone. Please take advantage of the timer feature, and it allows you to place your camera anywhere and walk back to your preferred place for a picture. If you are working with a DSLR camera, it also has a timer feature, making an investment in Bluetooth buttons for your cellphone and DSLR camera will allow you to take photos anywhere alone. 

Having a tripod handy is always a plus, you can take full-body photos, and it allows you even to add a cellphone holder to use any cellular device. 

I have created a quick video you can check out below, let me know if this was helpful. I have attached some affiliate links that will help you find some of the materials I use to shoot myself. 


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