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Just A Thought...

Throughout my life, I have always heard the saying, "You have to figure out your why. That is what will keep you going". As cliche as this saying may sound, it's true. Motivation has always been fleeting when it comes to me remaining consistent. It wasn't until I figured out my "Why." I wanted to become so disciplined I had no reason not to show up. My blog Thee Black Bradshaw came about back in 2015. I always knew I wanted to share my life, but I never knew or understood to what magnitude I would do so. I knew I wanted to inspire women but had no clue how or what my brand story would consist of, hence my inconsistency. It took me five years to finally realize what I was most passionate about and how I could incorporate that into my brand. Through struggles of my own, I realized how hard it was for me to show up fully in fear of what others may think—allowing the perceptions of others to keep me silent in fear so much so, I decided to walk away from blogging altogether. Even in my absence, there was always this nudge I felt and needed to express myself creatively. Writing and creating are the things that bring me the most joy. Creativity helped me get through some rather dark times and was one way to manage my anxiety and depression.

I feel like I have finally reached the "A-Ha" moment. Although it took me some years to figure out my purpose, I have arrived, and it is no better feeling.

Hi, I'm Carrie Sierra, a fashion and lifestyle influencer. My blog Thee Black Bradshaw inspires women to show up as their full selves as they curate a life they love.

Talk about smiling and beaming from ear to ear. Who knew a couple of words could create such a powerful statement. This is only the beginning for us, and I am pretty excited about what is to come. I have gotten to a place where I understand that although my blog may be an excellent outlet for me, there is a much bigger purpose attached to Thee Black Bradshaw. My skills and talent are to be shared and given to those who may need them the most. Who am I to hold onto what God has given me?

I may not know everything, but I invite you all to join me on this journey.

With Love,




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