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What's Your Reason Why?

Some of the blogs I write are just little reminders I need to keep myself on track. Since graduating from college, I'm left with thoughts of what to do next? How are you going to get there? Are you even good enough to be there? It's so easy to become overwhelmed with those thoughts. It seems like as soon as you're done demolishing them, you deal with a new uphill battle. 

You feel like what you're doing isn't good enough. You do not see the fruits of your labor. All your hard work isn't being recognized. Everyone is "sleep" on what you got going on. If we let those thoughts hinder our grind, we won't get very far. We must remember the "WHY" in the grind. Why are we working so hard to get things done? Why do we even want it? If we always keep that reasoning in the back of our heads, doubts, insecurities, and fears will no longer drive us. If we use our WHY to motivate us, we are no longer worried about what other people got going on. You can never eat what's on your plate if you're busy looking at the next person. I REPEAT.....YOU CAN NOT EAT WHAT IS ON YOUR PLATE IF YOU ARE BUSY LOOKING AT THE NEXT PERSON. 

Zoom in on what you got going on, activate that tunnel vision, focus on your task at hand. Get in on that grind. I don't mean any mediocre grind. I'm talking about that constant, persistent, unmovable, uphill climb grind that I've decided imma swim instead of sink grind.

 That dream you have was placed in your heart for nothing. Time to get to work, your hard work will pay off one day. You don't need any validation from anyone when it comes to that vision you have. Always remember why you started and kept pushing!! Let's get it, people, I'm focused, are you? 

 With Lots of Love,




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