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My Personal Blogging Progress

Hey, ya'll welcome back, and for all of my newcomers, I am super excited you decided to stop by, get comfortable I have wine in the fridge. It has been a minute since I have gotten back on this consistency train, and I love my progress. I wanted to take some time to touch on a topic that I have to remind myself of, growth versus perfection consistently. Since starting this blogging journey, I have always been obsessed with perfection. Aiming for such perfection has caused me to be incredibly inconsistent, I first started my college blog in 2013. I would start, stop, start again, then fall off due to whatever reason. I did not value my talent enough to keep going. I had a severe case of the imposter syndrome and was so wrapped up on what I thought others would say I allowed myself to quit. Six years later, I decided to blog consistently again at the beginning of February, I can be creative, and this outlet has allowed me to cope with anxiety and depression.

My blog has grown significantly. I am more intuned in what and how I want to say things. I no longer post pretty pictures; I have something to share. I am a storyteller. I let you into my personal space, and I take you along on the journey. The more I consistently show up for myself, and I can show up for you guys. You all have reciprocated and have shown up for me every time, and I want to thank you for that! Our journey is just getting started, I am here, and in full effect, there is no turning back now, so I hope you've buckled up this is going to be one hell of a ride.

Remember, we are applying pressure.

With Love,




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