Hey, loves welcome back to my blog, if you are new here make yourself at home there's wine in the fridge. Many of you all have been on this journey with me regarding decorating my home. My fiance and I have been in our home for just over a year now. Transitioning from our two-bedroom apartment to a three-level home, the decor I had was not enough. Once we moved in, everything was a blank sleight, and I had the opportunity to create whatever I wanted. A lot of times, people overthink the decorating process and lose sight of the fun creation brings. One of the very first things you want to do when it comes to decorating is to figure out the theme and style of your home. If you don't have any ideas, Pinterest is a great start.

Some popular styles are rustic farmhouse, modern farmhouse, contemporary, nautical, boho chic. The list is endless. You want to stick to something that speaks to you. Our home has a rustic farmhouse theme. I love all things Joanna Gaines, and if you are not familiar with her, you have to check her out ASAP. I choose farmhouse because it was a nice median between Dwayne and I. He always says everything I pick out is feminine, and I wanted to be sure to compromise when it came to decorating our home. When it comes to decor, Dwayne is entirely hands-off, he may help me select between different items, but for the most part, he allows me to run free with my ideas. When it comes to home decor, don't think that you have to get everything from one place. Decorating is a process; you can't rush it, everything that you select you to want to be intentional. Home decor can be a bit pricey, but with the right game plan, you can snag some great options. I have managed to decorate my home on an affordable budget and wanted to share where I shop so you guys can do the same.

Affordable Home Decor Retailers

Tj Maxx is one of my ultimate favorite places to shop. Aside from their fashion items, their home decor is fantastic. Anything from candles, pots, pans, bedding, rugs, you name it they have it in their store. If you check out the Home Goods store specifically, you will be overwhelmed by decor heaven. Tj Maxx sells affordable named brand items such as Rae Dun, Tahara Home, and Cynthia Rowley.

Bealls Outlet is one of my hidden gems. I lived across the street from this store for two years before ever walking into the store. Initially, when I walked in, I wasn't head over heels, but as I continued to walk around and made my way to the home section, I felt as if I had hit the jackpot. I had never heard of Bealls until I visited the store, but it soon became one of my favorite places to shop. I have gotten numerous items from my picture frames, wall decor, and even a spice organizer.

Burlington is the BOMB when it comes to home decor, and what I love most is not only is it affordable, but it allows you to place things on lay-away. When we first moved, we visited Burlington and filled up a cart with lamps, wall decor, and plenty of other things. The great thing about the lay-away is they give you up to three months to pay on the items. Whichever payment plans work best for you, you can put half down and pay the remaining half later when you get your check.

Hobby Lobby is mega of all mega places to shop for home decor. The store is AMAZING. You can find all of your materials for your home DIY projects, and they categorize their home decor by themes. Hobby Lobby always has sales, and you may never find yourself paying full price for anything.

Target may not be as cheap as some other stores. However, they always have great things on clearance. When you walk into the store, they have a Bullseye & Dollar Section. This section has some cute home decor pieces, Joanna Gaines line Hearth & Hand, as well as several other excellent items. One of the very first things you should always search for is the yellow clearance stickers. I recently purchased some beautiful picture frames for just ten bucks regularly thirty dollars.

Wayfair is the mother of all things decor. They are famous for their sales, shipping is fast, and they have an ample amount of reviews that will help assist with your selections. I recently snagged a bar cart for my home under $100. Talk about a major steal!

Ikea is the best place to be able to create whatever you want. If you are not familiar with the term "Ikea Hacks," I want you all to put it in your search engine. Pinterest is the perfect place to draw inspiration. They have plenty of DIY projects, I have purchased an industrial shelve spray painted and used marble contact paper to glam up a twelve dollar shelf.

Kirkland's is one of my top places to visit. I purchased my large floor length mirror recently for a reasonable price. The store was running a forty percent off sale, and I used a new email address to get an additional twenty percent off. What would have cost be over one hundred dollars cost me fifty-two dollars. Do not be discouraged if you do not have a big enough car to pick up bigger items. Home Depot allows you to rent a van for just nineteen dollars. Just be sure you return it within an hour.

Now, these are just some of the main stores you can find me in including some of the stores I listed below:

Five Below

DD'S Discount

Big Lots

JC Pennys

Crate & Barrel

Bed Bath & Beyond


I hope this helps, happy shopping and good luck with decorating.

As always

With Love,