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Harvest season but where are my crops?

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Everyone knows farming is not easy. To produce good crops, you must first wait for the right season. But what do you do when you've waited patiently for the perfect season, planted your seeds and yet you still see no crops?


Farming can be compared to this dream you've had that you've been steadily working at. You've waited patiently, and now you know this is your season. You've plowed up the dirt, got rid of the twigs and weeds, prepared your soil and now you feel like it's a perfect time to plant your seeds. You plant your seeds water it daily and wait. Days turn into weeks and weeks turn into months. Where are my crops? Where are the fruits of my labor? Why don't I see any progress? Are just a couple of questions you begin to ask yourself. Why is it that I've been working so diligently towards something I can't touch or grasp yet?

You've been working hard towards this dream because in due time you will be able to see and grasp it. Imagine how sweet the fruits of your labor will know how hard you worked to get there. How much you will enjoy the sweet taste of success knowing you've been through hell and high waters just to sit at the table of triumph. Don't let what you see now or what you don't see to alter your vision.

You have to be so consumed and wrapped up in your vision that what you see in your peripheral does not matter. PERIPHERAL VISION: all that is visible to the eye outside the CENTRAL area of FOCUS; side vision. This is the season of tunnel vision it is imperative that we focus in on our dreams and goals.


The more you focus in on your dreams and water the seeds you've planted your harvest will soon come. Just think about it, if we worried so much about the crops and not the actual harvest we wouldn't have anything. Before I could fully grasp that concept, I had to do a little research. The true definition of harvest is the process of gathering mature crops from the field. What do you think would happened if we picked our crops and they weren't fully mature? What would happen if we rushed our dreams because we felt we were ready for it now?

I've learned that this season of watering our crops is imperative. We have to work towards constantly are goals and aspirations so they can become mature enough to be harvested. Every day that goes by is a day that can be used to water your garden of success. Don't rush it, I guess it really is right when they say patience is a virtue. I'm about to pull out my water hose to give my seeds some life I think you should do the same.

With Love,




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