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Thursday, February 13, 2014

No, I'm not talking about something that was purchased and given to you. This gift is priceless and can't be brought. This gift was embedded in you from the time you were born. This gift is yours and no one else's. We all have gifts that we've been blessed with, but some of us aren't using them. Many of us are sleeping on our gifts. We must awaken from this deep slumber and start living.

Lately, I've personally been struggling with sleeping on my own gift. Yeah, I've come to the realization of what it is, but there's still a disconnect from actually moving forward. Fears and doubts stand in the way at times, but I continue to tell myself that those things kill more dreams than failure ever will. It's so easy to compare your gifts to others and although there's may, in fact, be very similar to yours

their gifts are not yours. There's something that differentiates yours from everyone else's.

We all know it's ALWAYS easier said than done. Let's all promise to rid those pessimistic thoughts. They do nothing for you. Learn to see the good in everything. Failure is not an option, and those small mini roadblocks are just detours. Take that gift of yours and use it. Remember we were not given the spirit of fear!! Success may not be in your grasps at first, but it's very much so reachable. Keep trying and never give up, that gift you have must be shared with the world.

Awaken from that slumber and live! You don't want to wake up from that coma of stagnancy and wonder what could have happened. Those could haves...should haves thoughts are never a good feeling. Spare yourself!!

With Lots of Love,

XoXo CarrieSierra


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