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Typically when I tend to get dressed I have days when I'm like, "Yeah, I look cute today," and other day's I'm like "Damnnnnn you killed this"!

Let's say that this day was one of those days. Lately, I have been putting my best foot forward to get out of my comfort zone. I think I have been doing a damn good job. I met some awesome blogger babes at the beginning of this year, and I went to an event alone. I've hung out with several new people and enjoyed myself. I have enjoyed almost every minute of it, I mean it has been one of the most uncomfortable processes ever. Just recently, I received a personal DM from the owner Black at the Table. She invited me to a brunch, where we would discuss mental health issues within the female African American community. Anyone who knows me well enough knows that mental health is an important topic for me. I have struggled with for quite some time before deciding to seek help and start therapy.

The brunch was everything that I needed and more, and I was able to meet new faces and speak to women about their dreams and aspirations. Tackling subjects dealing with having a blog, podcast, upcoming business plans, and struggles we face as an entrepreneur. It was so refreshing to see so many women open up about their fight with dealing with life, balancing all that comes along with it, while attempting to maintain self-care. Self-care is so critical, and it looks different for all of us, what I choose to do as self-care may not be what you may want to do. For instance, I love to get my nails done; that is how I pamper myself. Sitting in the pedicure chair as they place warm towels around my legs is therapeutic for me, whereas the next person may enjoy reading a book alone uninterrupted for an hour or so. Remember never to be so busy that you forget about yourself, and you can't continuously pour into other people without refilling yourself. Let's get into this outfit, shall we?

I'm always looking for a way to repurpose my clothes. I get excited when I can remix pieces from my closet that way, and I get the most out of my wardrobe. I was absolutely in love with the two-piece pink suit I wore for my graduation from Lane Bryant. I immediately fell in love with the details of the buttons, although it was the middle of summer that did not deter me from wearing and rocking it proudly. I paired it up with the perfect pink skort I snagged from Forever 21, I was going for something super fun and monochrome. Lately, I have been obsessed with pink, as much as I wear it, one would think it is my favorite color. Sadly it is not, my favorite color is purple. However, pink is one of my favorite colors to were. I recently found my pink Filas from Burlington for only $30, and it was such a great steal I had to buy both the white and pink sneakers. Burlington is a great place to find cute little pieces, and they have lay-away, which works perfectly with staying on a budget.

Affordable shopping is something I take seriously. I may have a lot of things, but I rarely pay full price for something unless I can't find a cheaper option. It is to no surprise that you guys see my favorite white bag again, mini bags are so in, and they are super easy to grab and go. DD's Discount is my go-to place when I am just looking for something fun to add to my closet. They often have affordable bags that range between $8 to $25, talk about a steal. I was going for a cute sporty look, so my stripe socks worked out perfectly, I originally snagged my socks for an Instagram photo that I have yet to post. They read "Bride to be" on the bottom of the soles. My outfit came out better than expected, and don't be surprised if you guys see another rendition of it soon! Let me know what you think about it down below, would you rock something similar? What are some of your favorite in-expensive finds?

With love,


Carrie Sierra


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