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gingham city

I try to have this mastermind plan off what I plan to write about; However, I have been trying this new approach of letting things go as they may and using my platform to ultimately be myself and challenge this picture perfect cookie cutter mold of what it means to be a "Blogger." Don't get me wrong I love fashion, sharing outfit post, and writing about the glitz and glam. But if I am honestly speaking, I find most of my happiness outside of sticking to the norm. I have consistently tried to follow what I have seen when it comes to plus size blogging, and quite frankly I am sick of it, the unauthentic unboxing, sharing of codes to get a small percentage off, and collaborations that come across as forced. I am in no way shape or form bashing the plus size community, I have some bloggers who I adore, and the interactions aren't forced. When I look at my role, passions, and what I plan to use my corner of the web, for I want to be a positive influence. Not spewing this unrealistic rhetoric of what it means to love yourself, it goes far beyond purchasing an eighty dollar co-ord set, or hundred dollar bathing suit. This life thing is some deep sh%t, and there's so much beauty in it when we decide to be ourselves unapologetically. So with that being said let's get into this fashion ishhhhhhhhh

I've said it once, and I don't mind saying it twice I am completely in love with matching sets. Co-ords are my thing this season, it takes the pressure off of finding the perfect outfit, and they can be paired separately. Surprisingly I didn't purchase these two pieces as one, the top is from Target, and the pants are from Forever21. I decided to pair them together to create my own co-ord set; the two gingham prints are not the same, but close enough in my book. I believe I will challenge myself to create more similar looks putting things together to make a co-ord set. One of my favorite pieces of my outfit has to be my small purse. This tiny purse is so adorable and affordable from DD's Discount. DD's Discount is a little hidden gem everyone needs to visit as soon as possible. You can find some great finds in there, anything from clothing, accessories, and home goods. Adding some pop to my fit, I grabbed my orange mules. The craziest thing about fashion is how it continuously changes. Years ago, I would have thought mules were for older ladies; now I can't get enough of them. Hell maybe it's because I am in my late twenties now, I am that older lady. Regardless of the reason, I need yall to get a pair you won't regret it, lemme know what you think about this look. Below I will link some similar pieces so that you can get into Gingham City, I'll see you there!!

With Love,

XoXo CarrieSierra


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