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All that in a bag of chips.

Life has a crazy way of disheveling you so much that you sometimes loose yourself. At times it become easy to forget how far you've come when you're so preoccupied with where you are going. Even I, myself, can become so consumed with goals I forget to live in the moment. Since starting therapy I have been able to take a step back and analyze my actions, revaluate how I process things, and create healthier habits when it comes to living a fulfilled life mentally and spiritually. I struggle with giving myself the credit I deserve. It is so easy for me to point out all of the things I am not doing, I fail to clap for all of the good things I have done. My therapist has challenged me to create a list of things I have accomplished to negate the negative thoughts I may have when it comes to me. Below I will share my current list, I will continuously add to it as time goes on if I ever need a small reminder that I Am All That in a Bag of Chips! Here are some questions that you can ask yourself.


1. What facts do you have for it?

2. What facts do you have against it?

3.What would you say to a friend in this situation?

4.Will it matter in a week, a month, or a year?

5. Do your religious beliefs say anything about this topic or thought?

Take out the time to pause for a second and answer those questions. Journal about it, take a couple of breathes, what ever it is that you choose to do in those moments where you are completely picking yourself apart just say to yourself, "I am enough and my life accomplishments are right on time". I challenge you all as well as myself to rid those negative thoughts. But when they do creep in, trust they will creep in, have a list created of all of the things that you have accomplished. Whether big or small to glance over to remind yourself that you're the ish! I like to keep mines in my notepad in my phone, just so it is close by. Check out my Credit List below!


Credit List

1. Fashionable

2. Honest

3. Giving and loving

4. Congrats on starting grad school

5. Outgoing

6. Funny

7. Charismatic

8. Adventurous

9. Excelling at work

10. Leadership qualities

11. Graduated high school

12. Graduated college

13. Made an A on CapstoneXM

14. Maintain a stable job

15. Left a toxic relationship

16. Good writer

17. Creative

18. Good cook

19. Moved to new city

20. Started therapy

21. Learned to love again

22. Photogenic

23. Good listener

Now this is only the beginning of my list, I plan to add more as time progresses. I charge you to write down at least three things to combat those negative thoughts. Remember you are doing the damn thing!

With Lots of Love,

<3 Carrie Sierra XoxO


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